Monday, October 1, 2012

Shoe Challenge

I've been facebooking a shoe challenge I gave myself 12 days ago and today someone suggested I blog this activity of mine.  Reminded me I had not been here in a few days, so thought I'd stop by and say hello!

My traffic has quieted down quite a bit this past week, I see, and I am not sure if it is lack of interest in what I am blogging about, overall busy-ness of teachers during the school year, or my lesson ideas are that boring that no one wants to come read them!!

So I have two questions for those of you stopping by:

1) shall I continue my teaching blog even though I am not actively teaching this year, to share with other teachers my activities and ideas?


2) shall I blog about my shoe challenge instead?


So my challenge is this: I decided one day that I needed to sweep the floor of our coat closet.  This closet also holds the majority of our shoes.  Even though we try not to, "stuff" finds it's way inside (grass, mulch etc) so the floor was kindof messy.  Plus it's tile, so it gets dusty too. I took all the shoes out, cleaned, then as I was putting them back, started thinking about how many of my shoes I had not worn in AGES.  Like a few years for some of them.  I have a shoe shelf that has 15 slots; I had them all filled, with many holding two pairs of flip flops, plus shoes all over the floor in front of it.  I wish I had taken a before picture.

I asked my Facebook friends how long they keep shoes when they have not worn them, and does style REALLY matter that much?  Based on our discussions I decided that starting that day, I would wear a different pair of shoes every day until I had worn each pair once. This is not easy, as I started it after Labor Day, so the white shoes were technically unwearable.  There are days I don't leave the house too, so what do I do on those days?  I put myself out for the challenge and today is day 12.  The entire challenge will take a little over a month.  Each day I post a picture of the shoes I wore, and some commentary about them. 

Any interest out there??  I need comments please, either way.  I see the traffic I get but hardly anyone comments; I was hoping to get some discussions going but I feel like I am just talking to myself most of the time. :(  Blogging takes a lot of my time, and if the interest is not there then my time can be spent doing other things. 

So what do you all think?