Sunday, August 12, 2012

I survived.

Mother-in-law came at 12pm to help. BBQ invites to start at 1pm. Sis in law & family showed up at 1:15 with chairs and tents.  First guest arrives...2pm. Sigh. Final guest arrives at 3:20pm.  The rain happily stayed away until 6pm.  House empty by 8:30pm.

We are in the process today of putting the house, the yard, the basement back in order.  Last of the dishes are drying in the sink.  Bowl of leftover chili next to me as I type.  As promised, here are a couple pictures. Unfortunately I did not get them in until after the food was served, so the bowls ar ea bit moved around, messy and empty, but you get the idea.

I have to say it was worth all the work planning and making the toppings, as the hot dog theme was a hit.  I have to say everyone really enjoyed creating their own dogs.  I did not do any of the more obscure ones, like pineapple salsa that I wanted to, but what I did choose in the end worked out well.  The hardest part about it was trying to decide how much of each topping to make; what if all 32 people wanted onions on their dog?  So of course I had to over plan for all.  Not one topping completely went, and I have tons of leftover onions & peppers, but that's okay. 

My favorite side dish was the coleslaw I made.  I found the recipe here: Creamy spiced coleslaw. I am not a fan of coleslaw in general, but this recipe was fantastic.

The biggest hit?  One of the hot dog choices. I bought them at my local Costco.  They are Kirkland brand, 1/4+ pound dogs, the same ones they serve in the food courts. They went so fast!!!  I bought long torpedo rolls, which are normally used for subs, and they were perfect for these giant dogs & all the toppings you could fit.  Problem was they were so filling, no one was eating up the side dishes! :)

Overall a great day, great company.  Now to finish cleaning up and open a bottle of leftover wine. :)


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