Friday, September 14, 2012

Meaurement: Length

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Measurement continued!

For the LENGTH lessons, we replaced tall, taller and tallest with LONG, LONGER, LONGEST and HORIZONTAL and reviewed the suffixes and when to use them.  

Those yellow strips came back out and once again we were comparing our strip to each other's strip.  We found our match - the same size, then the two groups found one that was shorter than ours and on that was longer than ours.  Once again, I had the shortest and the longest with me so no one was left out.

Another activity we did was comparing shoe length.  This requires NO advance preparation, fills in a time gap easily, and is fun.  Who doesn't like being able to take off their shoe in school!  Just try not to plan it when you are expecting a fire drill...LOL  Here are some of my pre-K students comparing who's shoe is the "longest" and "shortest."  There is always one kid with really big or really small feet, so you are guaranteed success!

The Long and Short of It

My favorite book to read with this lesson is:

We tie it into science with a discussion of animals and their body parts.   You can offer large picture books and task small groups to find the animal with the longest legs, shortest neck, that kind of thing.


Here is the Kindergarten worksheet that followed.  Great to assess this concept.

This freebie came from Maria at KinderCraze.  You can see the materials on the table - I gave this as a workstation one day.  They cut the strips any where they wanted, then had to sort them appropriately.


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