Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kindergarten Workstations

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Here is a snippet of my kindergarten math workstations for Tuesday.  I only see them once this week since we were off on Monday.

This is the chart they work off of.  Our mini lesson (cute pic of a teacher reading to the kids) was a review on how to use the chart.  We have a couple new students that joined us from the after school program next door that closed last week.  So I wanted to make sure they could follow along with us.

The students had 3 "MUST DO" activities: it is up to them to make sure they visit all 3 color coded tables in the time allotted.  Most days they do really well with this, others need a bit of reminding (like the girls when there is a cool art-type activity, some can stay the whole time at the one without realizing it.)

Yellow was a review of base 10. 

The students had to find the base 10 card that matched the number on the recording sheet.  They had to figure out what the number was, record it, then find the match to check if they were correct.

Activity from: Anna at Crazy for First Grade

Green was a cute ladybug game. 

This was a quick activity.  There is a 3 on the green chart card, showing the students that only 3 may be there at one time.

Activity from somewhere in the blog world.  The author did not put her name on the pages. :( If I see it again I will link back!

Blue was a review of positional words. 

This is an old activity from Mailbox Magazine.  The students had to cut and collate the books, then used red stamper to put thumbprint ladybugs where the words on each page told them to.

They also get two "May Dos," activities that are only to be done if they complete all their "Must Dos" or if all the must dos are full.  One is play oriented, building with blocks.  The other is for my hanging pocket chart.  I have a spot on the wall that I can attach ziplocs with velcro.   I switch up what is in the bag, and it only gets put out when the kindergarteners come.  Otherwise my 2s will destroy it. :)  No more than two students may work here at the same time.  Hence the "2" on the red packet chart.

Here are two students working together to put pictures in order from 1 to 100.

If you get through ALL of the above, what can I do then Ms. Kathy?  The chart tells them.  Most often it is to get a book from the Reading Center.  I keep a large selection of Lego magazines & catalogs so the boys love to get through their work to get the chance to look at them.

Then we gather together again at the end to talk about our time together.  This system works really well for my students.  I can use it for all workstations OR I can use it for teaching.  There is a picture of ME when they have to come to me for their small group lesson.  I have them split into groups so I call the group names or use a timer/bell to facilitate the change. 

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