Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Making" Numbers

Okay, trying to figure out how to do this!!

Last week I conducted a two day lesson on "joining" numbers for my 2 Pre-K classes.  We discovered different ways to make 3, 4 & 5.  I started with the fabulous chart I found somewhere in the blog world:

I cannot for the life of me find the original source. I had this window open for so long...and now as I go thru my history for the weekend it is no where to be found. If ANYONE knows where it came from PLEASE tell me so I can give credit where it is due.  Thanks!!

Our group lesson was first: observation of me making 4s.  I then handed out 2 sets of 5 cube trains (different colors) and we worked to make 5s.  I demonstrated while they did. 

Here is the 5 chart. I had tons of post-it's at home that my own kids never used (that the teachers always ask for in their lists but always come home unopened??)

Since this was a new experience for my students, I did all the demonstrating. Next week when we get to "breaking" numbers, I am going to have them participate by placing & removing the post-its.

Then, using the wonderful worksheets created by Maria at Kinder-Craze we got a chance to work on our fine-motor skills by making 3s.

Making Numbers!

Day 2 we worked in small groups to complete one of these fabulous babies from Nicole at Rowdy in Room 300:

Composing Number Booklets

I pre-folded the books for the kids, as I thought it would get a bit too confusing for my younger, more challenged students.  I am going to have them cut the strips, then flip the book over to make them.

I asked the students to choose two colors to draw circles with.  They did a really awesome job with this activity.  The original activity had the students draw all of one color first, then go back and fill in the required number of color 2. We did each strip at a time instead, and they really got it!  A couple of the younger ones wanted to go to the next strip with the second color at first, but with assistance figured it out pretty quickly.

Friday we conduct review lessons in all day centers.  For the math center we played the following game:

Using the Blooming Addition worksheet I found from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons  I created a game.

The student rolled my large die until they got a 4, 5 or 6.  They recorded their number in the "last box" on their sheet.  This is the number we will make.  The first group I asked to write the number 2 in the "first box" then draw two flowers in the pot above it.  Each student had to figure out how many more flowers they needed to draw to "make" their number.  I thought this would help me keep control over the different numbers if we all had to count on from the same number.  My groups consist of 2-4 students, for varying reasons.

The second group wanted to roll the die some more, so we decided to roll for our first number too!  They rolled until they got a 1, 2 or 3 (if they were making 6) and that made the game a lot more fun.  Here is a completed page by Jilly:

Next week, we will do a one-day lesson on "breaking" numbers.  I can't wait!!



  1. I like this idea. I love the flower pot and the big die. I am about to start my internship and I am going to teach Pre-K. I am so nervous. I wanted to look for a blog that I can get some great lessons from and skimming your blog so far has been really great. I will definitely send my teacher friends here. Thank you!

  2. You are very welcome! It's been a crazy summer but I will start posting more once school starts. If you have any specific lesson questions I will be happy to post about them!