Thursday, May 24, 2012

I've been spending a lot of time this week cleaning out my classroom.  I did a fun lesson with my pre-k classes on "making" numbers, and next week we will "break" them.  I have been trying to take pictures to post with the lesson.  I decided to wait until the entire lesson was done, which in my world is 3 classes but in real time is 2 weeks, cause of the holiday weekend.  I want to post the entire lesson from beginning to end.  Hopefully someone will come by and visit me by the time I get that up, so I can get some feedback!!

I have sooooo much to go thru, and now that I decided I am going to spend some of my summer blogging and hopefully creating for TpT, I am not leaving as much as I had originally planned.  My thoughts were to not come back at all...and try something different in September.  If I can make a good go at this online stuff...I may not need to do that.  So now I really need to make sure I bring home everything I will need. Oy!!

We started our progress reports today too, which is a very labor intensive thing.  I have 5 classes to complete about 30 lines of progress for, plus a personal comment for each one.  We're talking 100 kids or so.  But those are due June 8th so I can get back to my classroom cleaning after that.  I'm doing the easy stuff now, like cabinets, posters. books, file cabinet will be the toughest one.

Oh to make the pesto cream cheese dip for tomorrow's staff birthday lunch.

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