Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Breaking" 5

Tuesday the Pre-K classes did a one-day lesson on "breaking" numbers. AKA decomposing numbers.  The same person who I got the "making" number post-it idea inspired this lesson as well.

Before the lesson, I prepped the chart.

The first class is the younger of the two, so I wrote the facts up.  The second, older class has one without the facts.

Six students were chosen to place a post-it in each square, each student completing a row.  To get more involved, two additional students were chosen to "break" the row of 5.  The squares are pre-drawn so they can "see" what is missing.  Similar to putting an "X" on the ones we are breaking off in the original lesson I read.  One student broke off a piece of the row, and another fills in "how many are left." (The older class wrote the whole fact.)

Just as an introduction, I showed them how we can reverse the addition and subtraction sentences to make them "family." Using the language that will be oh so important in Kindergarten!!

Their hands-on activity was using cube trains to break apart the numbers.  The older class wrote on individual white boards while the younger class just used the manipulatives.  I was able to get a picture of the chart, then the battery on my camera died.  But you get the idea!


  1. You did exactly what I plan to do with post-it's as a whole group. Then I created my own recording sheets to go in my math stations.
    Thanks for stopping by! I want to become a follower but I don't see a follower button!
    Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for coming to visit! I added a "follow by e-mail" was all I could find? Still trying to figure this all out!!

    There are recording sheets you can buy for this activity, by the same author as the making numbers sheet I used the previous week. Here is the link: