Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Days Left of School!

10 more days left of school! I can't believe it!!  I started counting down at 93...our Kindergarten & pre-K classes counted up to the 100th day of school, so I thought it would be fun to count how many days were left.  Since we are a full day school, we go year-round.  No spring breaks, etc, so our school year is longer than in the public schools.  Not sure how many we had total, but when I decided to do this there was 93 left.  It was a fun experience for the Kindergarten class to count backwards from such a high number.  Really helped their understanding of "one less" and the number pattern.

Here is my "counting" area of the wall.  I obviously did not take the picture today, but 10 days ago.  I like having all my counting related concepts near each other on the wall.  Not sure if you can see it well in the picture but I stuck a little "left" in the Day of School banner.  I know it should say "days" of school, but it's all about the fun of counting.  The literacy room can be perfect. :)

If you are wondering what is above the number grid, those are caterpillar body parts.  My classroom is a homeroom to a pre-K class.  Their caregiver has a caterpillar growing around the room.  Each body part is something nice that a student in her class was caught doing.  The kids love this!!  There will be a beautiful butterfly once the students make it to the last wall.

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