Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Write the Room!

For some fun our last week of school, I had my 3 oldest classes, 2 pre-K and the other Kindergarten (whom I guess are officially first graders since they graduated last week) "Write the Room."  The Kindergarten class completed an activity by Pam at Can Do Kinders called "Counting On Write the Room."  Very cute beach-themed write the room.

The Pre-K classes used Pocket Full of Kinders Counting Jars which can be found here: Counting Jars Freebie

Here are some of the kids in action.

All I can say is they had SOOOOOO much fun with this!!  Those of you who use these types of activities sure were right.  They really impressed me with their teamwork and kindness in helping each other.  I am so glad I ended their year with this activity.

Two more days left for me...and Happy First Day of Summer everyone!


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