Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sniff sniff...

Tomorrow is my last day!  I was not sad at all, until one of my little buddies said something that just made me want to cry!

He is a new 4 yr old...or almost 4.  Not sure exactly when his birthday is.   He is VERY emotional in general, and still has tantrums and teary outbursts when he is upset.  So today was my last day with his class.  I told them all that when they came into my classroom next time, with their new classes, I would not be there.  I explained to them that I was "retiring," which means I am not going to be a teacher anymore.  I told them who their new teacher was going to be, how when then went to visit her class there would be someone else in her chair cause she would be sitting in mine. 

Well this little buddy, his name is Ramsey, quickly raised his hand and said "I am very sad you will not be my teacher anymore.  But when I get home I am going to cry, cause I know I am not supposed to cry at school.  But when I get home I am going to cry a lot.  Cause I am going to miss you."  Through the tears he was working so hard to hold back.

Oh my gosh I thought my heart was going to break!!!  I am getting teary just retyping it now.  He is a very sweet little boy, but honestly he is one of the kids that is so over the top in behaviors that should have been outgrown by now (it's more than the tantrums and crying I mentioned above) that makes me question my career choice. Kids like him who make me not want to do this anymore, yet how he can touch my heart so much! 

So that's it.  Last day of school tomorrow; we stay in our homerooms all day for parties and movies and fun.  Some teachers are moving to new rooms as of camp on Monday, so there will be a lot of room swapping to get a head start.  Teacher in service for them to finish...then Monday they start camp for the summer.

And I start thinking about if I want a new career.  Or do I just want to work with older kids?  Oh boy.  After I clean up and sort out the huge pile in the basement from seven years of teaching.  Maybe I'll take a before and after picture for you all! 

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