Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting myself together for first project

For some reason since we came back from our mini vacation my allergies are having a hard time adjusting, even with a daily allergy pill.  I was only out of state for 4 days, and 2 of them were spent driving.  We were not that far, only about 300 miles, so I don't get the big deal.  I have indoor allergies, and pet allergies; could my body have purged the guinea pig in just that short amount of time?  Have not done a lot of cleaning cause of the sneezing, but am getting other things done instead.  One of those things is deciding my first project to offer up here as My First Freebie!!

I decided I was going to make a cute fly freebie to offer to my followers/visitors and a full set to start up the TpT seller account.  The fly graphic goes with the "Swat the Numbers" post last month.  I want to make a few different flies, so they can be used not only for numbers, but for sight words too.  And maybe even word families?  Got lots of ideas running through my head.

My first hurdle is to find out what software people use to do this.  Being in the preschool world for so long has left me slightly technologically challenged.  Sure, I can navigate the social media with the best of them, can still type about 90-100 wpm if I want to type a paper into a word processor...but this graphic stuff is all new to me!

So here is my question for those of you already out there: what software package do you use to create your products, and what PDF creator do you use to save them? I have had bad experiences downloading Words or Works files from TpT; they never seem to look right.

So I would love to hear from my followers/visitors...what should I use?  I am so excited that I am getting a lot more page views each day - would love to hear from some of you stopping by!!