Thursday, July 5, 2012

Playing the waiting game

Waiting patiently (well, not so patiently, especially when there is a holiday stuck in there) for my software to arrive so I can start creating!  In the meantime, I am almost done with my cleaning task in my basement.  I am almost at the point where I can get into my school-related pile! 

Today I will finish going thru the mounds of stuff my own kids have brought home this year.  I usually take my time going thru those, keeping their best work (not that they will look at it again, ha ha) and some examples of their no-so-best work.  My kids are 1 year apart in school so I also keep study guides and review packets from my oldest for my youngest to use the next year.  They do not get the same teachers, so it's not like getting the tests ahead of time or anything, but it's nice to have something extra for when you get one of those teachers who does not like to help the kids prepare well.  I shake my head at this, being a teacher myself.  My oldest, who just completed 8th grade last month, had a terrible Algebra I teacher last year.  By terrible, I mean she presented the material, and expected the kids to figure it out on their own.  This same teacher also taught 7th grade regular math, and her 7th graders said she did the same thing in their classes.  My son, who has always had high As in math (for as long as my district has given out numbers) is now struggling to get a B cause he was teaching himself.  So anyway, every now and then a teacher who presents comes our way, so having the extra for our younger son is that is my task for today.  Everything that is not saved - goes into a box and we have a burning party in our fire pit. The temps have been so high, and with very little rain, it is not safe to do it yet.  Hopefully next week!

Also this summer I have been walking - 3 miles - as many days a week as I can.  I am new to this whole "exercise" thing, as being a preschool teacher for so long I got all my exercise during the day.  I was a very physical teacher - lots of dance and movement in my classes, plus my classroom was down at the end of a very long hallway, so I got plenty of exercise.  So I was determined not be be obese by the end of the summer.  So walking here I went!  After a couple weeks, my feet hurt, my heels hurt, my calves hurt...ughhhhh.  But I will stick with it!

Since I am still waiting for my software, I have been enjoying the time searching for borders, fonts, clipart and loving it!!  It is a lot of fun, I must say... :)  But you all out there appreciate that, don't you.  I want to send out a big THANK YOU to my new friend Sarah at Miss A's Kindergarten who has been helping me figure this whole thing out.  So thanks again Sarah!!  If you have not been by her blog yet, please stop on bye and say hi!  Lots of great things going on over there!

Time to go wake my little guy (who is almost 13, lol) to go to the orthodontist.  He was not happy when I told him yesterday he could not sleep till noon today!  Ahhhhhh...summer!

Keep cool!!  Kathy

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  1. I'm so glad that I could help you out! I hope that the software gets there soon so you can play with it and make some super cute stuff! :)

    Miss A's Kindergarten